A cup of good coffee is not less than the result of expertise through the journey that coffee beans take from the farms to our table.
In the taste there’s the rain and the sunlight. You can find the care of the farmers, the drying, transferring, processing, and the grinding of the beans in our favourite café in a sleepy morning. There’s the smile of the barista, and the clink of the spoon on the cup. 

BLCKEST Coffee Roasters is a coffee roastery in Budapest. We feel proud as we can be part of the process. We work with small batches, which means we roast frequently and do not maintain a stock of old, previously roasted coffee beans. Starting with selecting the coffee, through the roasting process, finishing with handing over a cup of espresso on a sleepy morning, our mission is to provide our guests a high quality coffee experience, and the opportunity to drink something really good.

When you purchase a bag of BLCKEST coffee, you can be sure that it is only a few days out from being roasted, so that the coffee you brew is at its peak for freshness and flavour!

BLCKEST quality

During roasting process the size of the coffee bean is growing and that is loosing weight.
The color can change from golden brown till dark, the flavors, essential oils flares. The so called peak point is that roasting level, when the coffee gives most its aromas, shows its real face.

At BLCKEST – thanks to our special roasting solutions – we are providing a wide variety of products starting from soft, fruity coffees drinks, ending with coffees with chocolate and herbal tones.

Our green coffees arrive from strictly controlled sources and represents the best quality by SCA.


An interesting adventure...

BARISTAUT stout beer is surely the right choice if you are looking for something unusual! Brewed by Fehér Nyúl Brewery, composed by Zsolti Gárdos with using our lovely BLCKEST Ethiopian Sidamo coffee.

Made with love, and a lot of fun. Enjoy! 🙂

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